And now, for something completely different

Because this blog is only four days old, and has no readers, I can do whatever I want. That said, I’m introducing a theme of covering items of culture and style most guys have no interest in.  Appropriately, I’ll use this post to introduce my heretofore nonexistent readers to a very hot young blonde. 🙂

Miranda Lambert has been an obsession of mine since her first album, Kerosene,was released in 2005 (fellow country fans may recall the singles “Me and Charlie Talking” and “Bring Me Down”).  Miranda’s voice evokes a passionate style, feelings of anger, of love, of nostalgia.  I purchased her second album, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend in May 2007, coincidentally in celebration of finishing my Master’s degree. It went on to win an Academy of Country Music Album of the Year award, and in fact is in my top ten albums, but I was personally a little disappointed. As noted by some country fans, it appeared to be an attempt to transform her image into a that of a badass Texas girl above all else (which she is, but also so much more).

I fell in love with Miranda all over again with Revolution — her third and heretofore best album. For her efforts, she took home Female Vocalist of the Year and Album of the Year awards, and her introspective hit “The House That Built Me” topped the charts and took the Song of the Year and Music Video of the Year categories in last year’s CMA Awards.  The album is Miranda at her best — introspective, sassy, poignant, and with a measure of attitude.

I’d be remiss not to mention that she is soon to be married to fellow country singer Blake Shelton (known for “Austin,” “Old Red,” and “All About Tonight,” among others), whom I saw last year headlining WGNA’s Countryfest. Congrats to both!

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton


Countryfest is an annual concert in the perfect setting: Altamont, New York – set against the backdrop of the Helderberg Mountains.  Lots of beer, pickup trucks with painted-over back windows, fried dough, bikini-clad women… you get the idea: a country music fan’s dream.

I said all that to say this — Miranda Lambert will be headling Countryfest on July 9! (and no, this IS NOT  a paid promotion).


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